If you missed it, former Miami coach Larry Coker is among three finalists for the UT-San Antonio head coach job. Didn't know the Roadrunners even had a football team? That's because they don't; it will be starting in the 2011 season.

He's up against Northwest Missouri State head coach Mel Tjeerdsma and Tulsa co-defensive coordinator Paul Randolph for the position.

Wow. Is this really the best Coker can do despite coaching at The U and winning a national title (and let's be honest: it should have been two) less than a decade ago? We're not saying he deserves a better gig, but even The Zooker wound up on his feet at Illinois after getting run out of town in Gainesville.

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Anton said...

The Okie deserves nothing!

Those were Butch's teams. Coker was the first coach in 25 years at the U to not have real success. To not leave the program better than he left it.

But, I'd like nothing more than for the rest of the country to see the UM brass wasn't rash in his firing. If not for the Brawl at the OB, the Okie may still be there, winning 8 games a year, middling in mediocrity.


You guys are awesome. Have been reading you for years. Keep it up.