Warning: Your head could explode watching this video of yesterday's "Around the Horn" featuring none other than Weezy F. Baby.

It's like we entered Dimension X as we watched Wayne ask what A-Rod would tell the kids about his steroid use while Michael Smith nodded in agreement and Reali furiously hit the "Ca-chink! Ca-chink!" button.

Still none of this compares to the very opening when Woody Paige dons a nasty wig, slurps a lollipop and proclaims, "I'm your Prom Queen, Wayne - with a lollipop."

Uh Woody, you realize that's sexual innuendo and you just said you want Wayne's wang in your mouth, right?

This is a new low - even for a man that has eaten dog food on air.

Huge HT: Grant S.

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