It's been way too long since our last Weezy quote. From 3 Peat on "Tha Carter III."

"Crazy on these n*****, I don't give a motherfuck.
Run up in a n*****' house and shoot his grandmother up.
What. I don't give a motherfuck.
Get your baby kidnapped and your baby motherfucked."

First off: OK, we estabished you don't give fuck.

Second: It's not really rhyming if you just use the same word over and over.

And third: Woah Weezy, that's some Suge Knight shit right there!

I mean, hey, we're all about actin' a fool - but shooting people's grandmothers? Kidnapping babies and fucking them? This could (we stress could) be crossing the line to senseless violence. Just a thought.

And to think it was thisclose to being your Album of the Year, people. Wayne got jobbed.


empee said...

I always read the last line as "Get your baby kidnapped and your baby mother fucked". So it's the baby momma who is the indirect object, not the baby.

Anonymous said...

loook u stupid shot the song says get you babies mother fucked like his baby mama. n i bet u write somtethin or frrestyle it garbage