X done did it again!

First there's the whole "Devil lives in Arizona" thing that he's been mocked mercilessly for. But our favorite? Go straight from 11:35 to 12:15 on the video. D will take it from there:

If you don't have the patience, here's the transcript. Keep in mind that less than a year ago X had no idea who Barack Obama was:

Old Man River: "How do feel that Obama... probably wouldn't like the message in your music."

X: "What's the message in my music that he wouldn't like?"

OMR: "Probably some of the stuff about killing, guns, drugs."

X: "Hmmmm. Well I don't talk much about... killing... other... people."

(Editor's Note: Hey X, what about "I got blood on my dick 'cause I fucked a corpse"???)

OMR: "Let me read you one."

X: "Alright, alright, so maybe I do. Hahahhaha! OK maybe I do. You got me there!"

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