By now, we're certain everyone has seen the clip of O.J. Mayo finishing his high school career with a dunk, toss, technical foul and ejection. Combined with the music from "Friday Night Lights," the crowd going nuts and O.J. hugging his coaches, does the clip remind anyone else of "Rudy"?

Varun, for one, broke down in tears the first time he saw both.

Which brings us to this blog post. Who finished their career with more style: O.J. or Rudy?

O.J. Mayo

For O.J.: Clearly O.J. Mayo capped his career in much grander fashion than Rudy did.

It's a hip-hop world folks and O.J. will come to epitomize everything that mainstream America hates about hip-hop and we love about hip-hop.

There's simply nothing better.

You want grandstanding? I think a self-alley-oop should do the trick.

You want disrespect? How about a self-alley-oop with your team safely ahead at the end of the game.

You want complete lack of respect for the game? How about throwing the ball into the stands with time still remaining in the game.

All those things are great - but what truly separates great men from good men is the ability to have others overlook their flaws.

And, well, Mayo's coach hugging him after that display speaks volumes. You may not know it, but O.J. Mayo is the best thing to ever happen to sports. Real. - VS

Rudy Ruettiger

For Rudy: Where do I start?

80,000 people chanting his name in unison.

The last player carried off the field at Notre Dame Stadium.

Four years of blood, sweat and tears finally paying off.

Jon Favreau screaming, "Who's the wild man now?!?!"

One of the few athletes recognized by his first name alone, joining the likes of O.J. (the other O.J.) Michael, Magic & Dan and Dave.

Who cares he did it at Notre Dame? Rudy T. is the greatest ending to a career and the greatest ending to a movie ever. - JW

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