The Great Zubino
Realests Correspondent

Charles Logan is back on the scene, but we don't know if it's for good or not. He says he wants to do something good for the country and is underlining passages from the bible but you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. Let’s hope he doesn’t reek havoc like his canine counter-part - Woodrofolous. And surprise-surprise… Wayne Palmer is going to be out of action for a while. He’ll be alive, but I don’t think he’ll be back for the rest of the day… maybe next season. With the Vice in office, all hell is going to break loose and we all know Bauer entering the Russian Embassy just spells trouble. Doesn't he remember why he was in a Chinese prison for 2 years?!?! It’s also just a matter of time before Buchanon, Nadia, Karen become subplots and something happens to them. The season is yet to develop those people. Holla.