Seeing the entire first season of “Lost” in the last week has caused another rift in the apartment. The question: “Which Jack would you rather have for your back?”

Well, not straight up. That’s obviously Bauer.

Instead, the question is this: If deserted on an island (any island, not necessarily the one they are on in Lost), would you rather have Jack Shepherd, Locke and Sayid OR Jack Bauer and two goons from a tag team (it’s a given the tag team would be dead within 24 hours).

Still, Varun pulled a shocker and picked the stars of Lost over the star of 24. His reasoning: Jack is a doctor, Sayid is a soldier just like Bauer, and you need someone crazy as Locke to survive.

Like Elisha Cuthbert, Varun also points out that anyone that gets close to Bauer dies.

For me, it comes down to this: I’d rather have Bauer’s promise than Shepherd’s promise.

When Shepherd promised Boone he would save him, he broke down crying and struggled with the decision to cut off his leg. Bauer executed Chapelle without blinking an eye. That's the kind of confidence I like in my leader.

Also, every time Bauer promises he will explain everything once the ordeal is over, I believe him.

And I also take comfort in the fact that any time I freaked out, it's guaranteed Bauer will scream “Do you trust me?!?!” in my face until it turns blue.


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amish said...

Good lord this is a great question!

I think I'm going to have to go with Varun here. Though Bauer is a badass, the Jack/Sayid/Locke combo is far more practical.