If you got a chance to see last night’s Cavs-Pistons game, you witnessed one of the greatest acts of showmanship ever by Cleveland coach Mike Brown.

After LeBron’s buzzer-beater that didn’t actually beat the buzzer, Brown take off like a madman and waved his arms wildly to get his team in the locker room before the play could be reviewed.

It was like a third grader trying to replicate the Derek Fisher shot against the Spurs.

Rumor has it that it took 5 minutes to get the Cavs back on the court because Brown barricaded the locker room door and was loading his stuff on the bus.

And second of all, I never want to hear about Tayshaun Prince’s defense ever again after LeBron schooled him with five seconds to go. I think Hooper would have had a better chance guarding him.

Oh yeah, and Bill Simmons can suck it too.

Quick hits:

- Please observe a moment of silence for Michigan women’s hoops coach Cheryl Burnett. Coming in with expectations of Final Fours, she makes Tommy Amaker look like Adolf Rupp.

- As Scott Bell points out, what have we done to deserve a Sims-Oden III in a span of two months? The odds are almost as long as winning the $350M mega-lottery we got screwed out of winning Wednesday.

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