7:00 - Jim insults me yet again. I'm done with this blog.

7:03 - What's the over/under on how many times Steve Lavin says Signature Win? Jim thinks its at 15. I think Steve Lavin should have got some Signature Wins when he was coaching at UCLA.

7:05 - 2 minutes into the game the score is 1-0, Michigan. On one hand, this is a great thing because we are leading. On the other hand, we are behind the pace of Tommy Amaker's great Point-A-Minute Teams.

7:09 - Musburger is treating Neitzel like a flu-ridden Jordan in the NBA Finals. This is going to get old really fast. Also, Jim is wondering whether Drew Naymick is a firecrotch. (Insert your own joke here).

7:12 - We got bored during the commercial break and decided to see if our faithful reader from Cary, North Carolina was reading the blog. Unfortunately, he/she/they weren't on when we checked. But we have a feeling that we missed him by just a second.

7:13 - Tommy Amaker is covered in sweat. He's clearly feeling the pressure of the hot seat. It's either that or his wool mock turtleneck has finally gotten the better of him.

7:15 - Courtney Sims is looking less and less like Ludacris as the days go by.

7:16 - Jim's order from Comfort Diner has arrived. He has ordered delivery from there despite the fact that we recently checked their health and sanitation rating and it was 6 times worse than the rating the rat infested Taco Bell had.

7:17 - I don't care what you say, but college basketball is nowhere near as good as the NBA. This is unwatchable! I could watch the two worst teams in the NBA play and at least people would be hitting their jump shots.

7:19 - Tommy Amaker's offense works to perfection. The team dribbles the ball around the perimeter for 32 seconds and Jerret Smith is given a foul on a bail-out call on a three pointer. Perfection, Tommy. Just like you drew it up.

7:21 - Winthrop would throttle Michigan in a matchup. We're actively hoping that we don't win this game just so that we don't make the tournament and get embarrassed.

7:22 - The Fighting Amaker's are still behind the pace of the Point-A-Minute Teams. Things are looking really promising. The floodgates are about to open/close.

7:26 - Michigan is going on one of its trademarked field goal droughts. It's almost as if this team doesn't have any offensive sets...

7:27 - Smith hits a three. We take back our disparaging comments about the offense - clearly, dribble for 30 seconds and then heaving up a three is the right way to go.

7:28 - Dion Harris is on a hot streak. 2 field goals in a row. Amaker is furious at this show of efficiency.

7:30 - Great Michigan possession. Petway fails to realize he has an open dunk, loses the ball, Smith picks it up, and passes it to Petway behind the backboard, Petway throws it back to the top of the key, someone throws it out of bounds. How do you think Tommy diagrammed that?

7:35 - Musburger keeps referring to Lavin as "Coach." I understand people like Bob Knight carrying that title all their lives. But Steve Lavin?

7:38 - Watching the Maize Rage popcorn is like watching old people have sex. Get hyped people (granted, it is Spring Break)!

7:43 - Erin Andrews just broke down the Florida Gators. When did ex-cheerleaders become lead analysts?

7:46 - We have a DeShawn Sims sighting!!!!

7:48 - Two of the most amazing things just happened. Brent just mocked Crazy Horse's horse hat. Hey Brent, the guy is mentally handicapped - give him a break! And a big thumbs up to the guy in the background wearing "Paterno Wears Depends".

8:11 - The second half is underway and Vagina Face is dominating down low again.

8:13 - We are Petway's biggest critics but that was ABSURD.

8:25 - 8-0 run by State. OK, finally the wheels start to look like they are coming off. Amaker is still sweating bullets....

8:38 - How are we up 9? This is killing our blogging.

8:44 - Moses smell the roses! Who is this guy and what did he do with Dion Harris?!

8:49 - After watching Sims just get owned by Naymick, the countdown has officially started for Sims-Oden II.

8:52 - Oh boy, Musburger is starting with the Neitzel flu talk again. It's only a matter of time until he drops the Michael Jordan reference.

8:58 - Did Walton almost punch Izzo in the face? I love how Lavin is talking about what a master motivator Izzo is. State is caving.

9:00 - Munchkins and the midgets? What the hell?

9:01 - Tommy, why the timeout? Run the swirly play! This is what the swirly play was invented for!

9:03 - Who is that crazy lady screaming like banshee?! Someone get the mic away from her.

9:07 - Go Blue - we rule.