Every rule has a genesis, a starting point, a reason d'etre. Not sure if I used that right. Spanish isn't my strong suit. Some rules are passed to generally improve a game (no hand-checking, the three-point line, instant replay) and other rules are passed to target certain players (the Hack-a-Shaq rule).

Well, we've finally figured out why the NBA decided to impose an age limit which essentially forces kids to play a year of college ball before living the NBA life. None of the NBA's proffered reasons seemed to make a lot of sense to us. Sure, some kids were throwing their lives away because they thought they were better than they actually were. Sure, some of the kids coming out were too immature. But come on - those aren't good enough reasons.

At first we thought that the age limit was just a ruse to ruin the college basketball game. Roy Williams said on PTI recently that it takes him at least 3-4 years to really teach his players the game and run a real system. With guys coming to college for only a year, Roy has to teach the same thing year after year. Now, this isn't going to hurt the Greg Odens and Kevin Durants of the world, but it sure as hell is going to stunt the growth of those humble kids who bravely dream of the NBA but want a degree and choose to stay in school for 4 years.

Now, who is the most recent NBA player to have a strong 4 year college career? That's right: Detroit Country Day's own, Shane Battier.

Everyone has been against Shane since he came in the league and he has battled through everything to become the integral "glue" player that he is. They hate his great attitude, his willingness to take charges, his amazing repoire with the media and opponents alike. They hate the gap in his teeth and the ridges in his head.

First they tried to break his spirit by releasing a bobble head doll that looks nothing like him (done by his own team nonetheless…traitors!). And now the powers that be are doing everything in their power to make sure that no one is able to follow in Shane's hallowed footsteps.

Fight the power, Shane!

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