We've had a long running beef with TNT's sideline reporter, Craig Sager. Most people know him for his obscenely bright suits which no human being should ever ever wear. But The Realests became personally acquainted with Mr. Sager during one fateful winter evening in Cleveland's Gund Arena.

On the night that we have drove 3 hours to Cleveland to witness Ricky "In R We Trust" Davis' triumphant return to C-town, we were lucky enough to have seats directly behind the Cavs bench and we were armed with Ricky Davis' popsicle faces. A few of Sager's sideline interviews that game dealt directly with Davis' return. Unfortunately for us, Sager stood directly in front of us interviewing people while ignoring our persistent, yet obnoxious pleas to get on camera and spread the word about Ricky The Realest. Since that day we have lost a LOT of respect for Sager and have known that he isn't very good at his job.

Well, now we have more proof that Sager needs to go. Soon we'll have a Fire Sager blog up to go along with our Hire Rudy T blog and our Bring Back Reghi blog. If we are about anything, it is hiring/firing people.

Now, to the evidence...

This is Sager's recent interview with Webber's "father" at a recent Pistons game (via Detroit Bad Boys):

Hey Sager - you're a moron. Maybe you should have realized that wasn't Webber's father when he had NOTHING TO SAY AT ALL. And remember, we are the media's watchdog. No one is safe. Except for Charles Barkley - we love Chuck.

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