Over the past few months, we've seen some pretty absurd things on Getty Images. Namely, Braylon Edwards' "Zoolander" photo shoot and a horse running through a bonfire.

But nothing prepared us for what we saw today: a photo gallery from last year's Super Bowl party held by Penthouse Magazine: "Party like a Rockstar" at The Vault nightclub in Detroit.

At first glance you'd think some doofus snuck in and busted everyone on his camera phone. Au contraire monfrair. These are pictures taken by a professional and distributed to media outlets around the world.

We especially like Getty's caption for this first photo: "Penthouse March 2006 pet of the month Jennifer Emerson (L), grabs the shorts of Penthouse Pet Krista Ayne and hams it up for the camera..."

Umm, more like: "A slut licks a crack whore's ass."

You can use your imagination for the rest of the captions. These pictures truly are worth a thousand words (especially the ones with Usher).

* Kudos to this bimbo trying to throw an impromptu wet t-shirt contest while wearing black.

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