Gilbert Arenas has really broken out of his shell this year. He's at or near the top of the league in scoring, sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber, yells out "Hibachi!" when he goes on a shooting streak, and has stuck the dagger in quite a few teams this season.

Anyway, we like Gilbert because he's one of the realer players in the NBA. He's good and he knows he's good. He hates everyone that counted him out in the past and seems to be making it his life's goal to merk them all one by one.

So we were big fans of his Vendetta Tour this year. Basically, Arenas is furious that he was left off the US Olympic team and is attempting to exact revenge on the coaching staff (Coach K, Mike D'Antoni, and Nate McMillan). He has vowed to destroy each of their teams.

First, Gilbert said that he'd score more than 80 points in a game against Duke and portrayed himself in video game terms. Real.

Then, he merked the Suns in a few games this season. Real.

Then, he declared the he would score 50 points against the Blazers the next time he played them. Real.

Unfortunately, the Blazers weren't having any of it and held Arenas to 9 points. Instead of sacking up and immediately declaring that he was saving his energy for the next Blazers-Wizards meeting where he would drop 100 on Juan Dixon's face, Arenas gave us some nonsense about "focusing on defense." Not real:

"We have a new philosphy now and that is focusing on defense," said Arenas, who spent most of the game guarding Jack, who shot 5-for-8 from the field with five assists. "Right now we are still adjusting to that. At the end of the day, they scored a lot of easy baskets on us."

Sorry, Gil - that's crap. If you go down, you go down swinging. We expected much more from you.

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