The Great Zubino
Realests Correspondent

Suppose a man walked up to you and asked the following question… “If you were stranded on an island with a TV, and were only able to watch ESPN for 3 straight hours of PTI-Around the Horn-Stump the Schwab with the only topic being Terrell Owens, or the last 3 hours of 24, what would you do?”

I would hope you would choose to drown yourself. This episode of 24 was great if you liked action. Graem being interrogated was an amazing scene. But this is ridiculous… How can you expect a man who has saved the country more times than Snoop has smoked weed to have a family that is involved in the biggest terror plot in the United States’ history. This is like finding out that Jason Kidd’s parents are marriage counselors. I want to make myself believe that 24 is still a good show, but it’s been a slippery slope since after the premiere.

24 would gain all of my respect though if Jim Jones came in and showed Bauer how to boss up and how to be a man.

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