I only have one thing to say about Varun. Yesterday, I called him the "Rasheed Wallace of the apartment" because of all his unfulfilled gurantees. But it just struck me that Varun is also the Britney Spears of the apartment.

For those that don't know, after a particularly sloppy night a couple months ago, Varun pledged a "year of sobriety" which, in actuality, only ended up lasting about three weeks.

Now after getting shitfaced Monday night and missing his Tuesday class, Varun has decided to give up alcohol for Lent (by the way, no Varun isn't Catholic and no, Varun isn't Christian either).

Like Britney, it's only a matter of time until Varun gets wasted again, pukes on himself, shaves his head and gets little heart tattoos on his wrist.

I'm going to go ahead and book a spot at the Promises treatment centre now ...

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O'Brien said...

Varun, if you are not at OTW on Monday night I am going to fucking kill you. This is not an empty 'Sheed promise either. I will actually take your life.