The Great Zubino
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I feel the reason 24 has not been appealing this season is because the writers are having a hard time being original. They are on their 6th season (with a 7th contract signed and a movie in the talks after) and have exhausted plenty of ideas. The show has made up for itself in the past couple weeks, but to understand what might happen in 24, you have to think about originality. In the scene where Phillip Bauer had Jack on his knees, many different scenarios could have happened. We’re gonna break this down by the biggest fans' thoughts.

Total Dumbass/Varun: Marilyn would shoot Phillip before he could kill Jack
Analysis: Good try Varun, but be original dunnie. The writers have done this many times.

Makes Sense/Jim: Phillip would jump off the building due to his guilt and give Jack a way to find Gredencko.
Analysis: This would have been a good play, putting more emotions onto Bauer, but they have exhausted many characters and that would be pretty extreme.

Total Genius/Zubin: Phillip runs away while Jack runs through a “I tried to make you happy, dad...” speech
Analysis: I’m The Realest.

Bringing back Logan is a good move, but wouldn’t he be in prison?

And to both Varun and Jim - I just have one Lil’ Wayne line to end this feud:
“And when it come down to this recording, I must be Lebron James if they're Jordan.”

Respect Everything.

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