Breaking news into The Realests news room: Harvard men's basketball coach Tommy Amaker (a.k.a. "The Golden Child") has been cleared of ANY wrongdoing by the NCAA.

And once again the NCAA infractions committee is exposed as a complete joke.

If you haven't read the New York Times story, Amaker blatantly broke the rules by:

1. Delaying the hiring of his lead recruiter so he could do Amaker's dirty work without NCAA rules, like just-so-happening to play pickup games with recruits.

2. Following a recruit's father to a ShopRite in Trenton, N.J. to get in some extra quality time with pops.

The first one is a gray area that the NCAA can't really control (see: Bob Huggins).

But the second one? That, my friends, is cheating. And if Kelvin Sampson can get screwed sideways by the NCAA for improper cell phone calls, Amaker should AT LEAST get a slap on the wrist for stalking players' parents to a grocery store.

But see, that's not how the NCAA operates. It's all about how much ass you're willing to kiss and who you're connected with.

And that's where Tommy Amaker is a Made Man.

Harvard and it's alumni threw their total backing behind T.A. Coach K told the NCAA he'd vouch for Amaker if needed. And then Amaker probably laid himself at the mercy of the committee, apologizing profusely -- instead of basically telling them to screw themselves (i.e. Sampson).

Presto! It was all just coincidence!

Give us a break, Myles. Oh yeah, and take that damn robe off!

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Anonymous said...

No to be a grammar-fag, but it's "robe", not "rob".

Also, this blog is amazing, I f-ing love it.