Even with Michigan's bye week, it was another spectacular weekend of football. Unless you live in Syracuse. Then it was another miserable weekend of college football. But we digress:

• Man, I'm glad we didn't hire that guy. Greg Schiano has been exposed now that Ray Rice is no longer around. Kind of scary to think this guy shot us down and Rich Rod had to beg us for a job. Rutgers dropped to 0-3 after its third straight anemic performance, this time losing to Navy. QB Mike Teel took out his frustration at the end of the game by punching his own safety in the face. This team could easily be 1-7 before its Battle Royale with Syracuse on Nov. 8.

• Speaking of the 'Cuse, the dead kitten count is now at 222. But hey, maybe that nine-point win over Northeastern will sway the Kitty Killer to spare one life. Or not...

• Phil Fulmer is the new Lloyd Carr. Sadly, we're surprised the game with Florida was even that close. But it'll give Vol fans even more reason to call for his head. Normally we'd say Fulmer will rally the troops and make a bowl game to save his job, but we're not so sure with at No. 10 Auburn, at No. 3 Georgia and No. 9 Alabama before the end of October. Yowers in his trowsers.

• Isn't life post-Ohio State great? My dad gave away his tickets, refused to watch the game, speaks with Jim Tressel with the same contempt he had for John Cooper and claimed he is already looking forward to college basketball season. Just like the good old days...

• Our vote goes to Todd Boeckman for Lehman Brothers Player of the Year. How about this guy going from a "Heisman contender" to a one-play backup in the span of a month?

• We know USC plays down to its competition, but it could win every Pac-10 game by 50 points. Wow. This conference is awful. 0-5 vs. the Mountain West? Pathetic. And ASU-Georgia game was never close. And who knows how bad they'll run up the score on UCLA after the stunt Rick Neuheisel (code name: "Ben Dover") just pulled in the L.A. Times.

• Temple isn't looking so hot as our "super sleeper" pick. But people don't realize they lost to UConn in OT and Buffalo on a Hail Mary. They could easily be 3-1 right now. We know, we know. Sour grapes.

• We're already tired of the BYU BCS talk. Yes, they've got a great shot at going undefeated with only one stiff test left (Nov. 22 at Utah). But are we really gonna do the hypothetical argument about whether this team should be playing for the national title if they go 12-0? Please spare us.

• Notre Dame is awful. Which makes us utterly repulsive. But at least we haven't completely tuned out our coach at this point. Advantage: Michigan.

• We're sticking with our guns that Les Miles wasn't the right hire for Michigan. We don't care how many national titles he wins at LSU. OK, maybe we care a little bit. Like we cautioned with East Carolina, everyone hold their horses with the LSU hype. Let's see how they do with No. 4 Florida and No. 3 Georgia in the span of three weeks and no quarterback to speak of.

• Ditto with the Penn State hype. Are we the only ones that remember PSU hasn't beaten Michigan since 1996? Nonconference is the new preseason; it doesn't mean squat (at least when you schedule like Penn State it is).

• We'd say the same thing for Minnesota but people aren't that stupid. After all, we're dealing with these jokers:


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