Everyone and their mother has already broken this game down. But there's no point in previewing Miami Ohio, so check out our extremely-delayed musings from Saturday:

- The national media is a bunch of morons for making this loss out to be catastrophic. Some people are picking Utah for a BCS Bowl! The first half was extremely depressing but Big Blue left it all out on the field in the second half. And for once, we didn't resign ourselves to the fact Michigan would find a way to blow the game. They eventually did - but that's beside the point. Optimism is back in Ann Arbor!

- We have really mastered the falling-short comeback. Maybe we change our slogan from "Victors Valient" to "Losers Valient."

- Nick Sheridan? More like Nicolette Sheridan!!! His across-the-body, into-double-coverage pass in the first half (which should have been a Pick 6, btw) was shades of a young Trent Dilfer.

- He had a couple nice runs, but Sam McGuffie is going to take a lot of monster shots in college football. If he was getting popped like that by Utah, imagine when he comes across Cameron Heyward.

- We don't really know what to make of the defense's performance. We went from the 2000 Michigan defense to the 2000 Ravens D during halftime. Was Mike Barwis just injecting steroids into every players' ass in the locker room? In all seriousness, give Scott Shafer props for his adjustments. Brian Johnson was getting killed out there. That performance really gives us hope to be in pretty much every game for the rest of the year.

- How much chocolate milk is K.C. Lopata drinking? That field goal would have been good from 60 yards!

- Marell Evans has gotta go. Mareezy was lost almost the entire game, as demonstrated on this play when he jumped a slant route and totally forgot about RB Matt Asiata.

- Is Mike Shaw the next Mike Hart? We say yes.

- Austin Panter. Oy vey. We made an exception to not accepting JUCOs for this guy? Pretty unreal we've resorted to starting a dude that was playing for Butler County CC two years ago.

- MGoBlog has it right: Brandon Graham is gone after this year. The way he tracked Johnson down and buried his ass was incredible. In one play he showed the explosiveness and power needed to make it in the NFL.

- If you live in the New York City area, never ever go to Professor Thom's. With Park Avenue Country Club shut down, Thom's is now worse than a Phi Psi party. Nobody could move the entire time and sadly our bodies can't handle standing up for an entire game anymore.

- Did anyone notice the final play was the exact same way the 2005 Ohio State game ended when Tyler Ecker got tackled 50 yards shot of a touchdown? And did anyone else picture Lloyd Carr in Hollywood fashion calling in the play from the stands, a la Angels in the Outfield?


tylerthesaint said...
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tylerthesaint said...

Yo fellas, I bartend at Bar XII in Murray Hill (34th between 2nd and 3rd)... tons of TVs, great food, and I'll throw the Mich game on Saturday... holla... ask for Tyler