Scott Linehan: You bastard.

This man should be arrested and charged with attempted murder.

As you already know, human rag doll Trent Green is replacing Marc Bulger as the Rams starting quarterback in a last-ditch effort for Linehan to keep his job.

Green - the same guy who is still lucky to be walking around after the shot he took last year and the one former teammate Jason Taylor admitted is one more blow away from his brain turning into "scrambled eggs."

Gee, putting Green behind the worst offensive line in the league with a blitz-happy Dick Jauron sending the house all day - what could possibly go wrong?

How about this. Or this. Or this.

You get the idea.

I mean Orlando Pace was great 10 surgeries ago. Now they might as well just put a cow at left tackle. As for the rest of them: Other than Alex Barron - who also stinks, by the way - who are these fuckin' guys? Jacob Bell? Brett Romberg? Richie Incognito?!?! Are you serious?

This is getting to Evander Holyfield-level, where he should be banned from playing in the league for his own safety. Roger Goodell, step up or step off! We're begging someone to do something!

Can't you just picture last night in the Green household? Trent tucked the kids in, telling them "Dad might be going away for awhile." Meanwhile, Mrs. Green cried herself to sleep picturing her husband in a hospital bed with tapioca all over his face - AGAIN.

Well, if this line doesn't fire up the Rams in the huddle right before they break, nothing will:

"Block... or I'll die."

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