Huge win over Northeastern tonight. Bring on the Bruins! After missing last night's game (and skipping the entire Big Ten Preview), here's our take on this year's team.

• Manny Harris is WAY too good to play for Michigan. Thanks Tommy! Corperryale with a near-triple-double in his second game? Very LeBron James-esque. And how sweet would those back-to-back dunks have been? I'd love to say "Wait 'til next year" with this guy, but I'm not sure there will be one. Our only hope is that Harris realizes he'll get pounded in the NBA with his current frame and comes back for Michigan's first trip to The Dance since '98.

• LOVED the "Hair Gel" chant by the Maize Rage. It's all that needed to be said. That's why we're the Leaders And Best, folks!

• Very encouraging performance by DeShawn Sims after shooting under 40-percent last season. But dude still settles for the outside shot too much. This guy makes Vagina Face look tough on the block.

• Zack Gibson is a poor man's Graham Brown. That's not a good thing. I've seen more talent at the IM Building.

• We're still bitter about Robin Benzing being declared ineligible this season. You won't hear about it at all this season because Benzing is stuck in Europe, but we really could have used him. You don't hear anyone comparing Gibston to Dirk Nowitzki.

• What does it say about the rest of Michigan's roster that Stu Douglas is splitting the backcourt with Manny? If Harris gets injured we might as well forfeit the entire season (hey, we've done it before). We don't care how Beilein finds them (don't count on landing anyone from Detroit), but he needs a real recruiting class.

• Kelvin Grady is the most overhyped player in Michigan history since Kevin Grady. Do these two just sit in their dorm room all day smoking bud and playing Mario Kart?


• There's been WAY to much coverage about the new 3-point line now that we've finally seen it in person. If they really wanted to curb 3s, they should have pushed it halfway out to the NBA line.

• How crazy was it watching Jay Williams doing color on The U? This guy should be dominating in the NBA right now. People forget how ridiculous he was in college.

• We expect this from the rest of Crisler Arena, but the Maize Rage's attendance was dismal. I don't care if Michigan's got back-to-backs: Get your ass out there and find that fuckin' dog!

OK that's a wrap for now. See you all at The Garden. And remember, drinks are on Bill Martin!


Longtime Michigan basketball fan said...

"Manny Harris is WAY too good to play for Michigan."


Here's a little refresher for you.
We are the traditional basketball power in the state of Michigan, not Sparty. We went to the Final Four six times between 1964 and 1993 and won the national title in '89. Manny Harris is exactly the kind of star player we've usually had.

Ben L said...

Concerning your comment on Zach Gibson:

I played against Gibson one time down at the IM Building during his sit-out transfer year. We ended up guarding each other since I was the tallest guy on my team. No doubt Gibson was the best guy on the court. However, at one point I stole the ball from Zach, took him the length of the floor, and scored on him. Now, I played ball in high school, but I was your typical no-handles post guy. I *never* took anybody coast-to-coast in high school, and I played in a weak conference in the lowest division of Illinois sports. But I did it against a Big Ten forward!


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