Yeah, Michigan invented that phrase. And now we're busting it out 20 years later.

The mission is clear: One down, two to go (OK, we didn't invent that phrase).

Now that Michigan hoops has knocked off UCLA, it's time to down our two arch-rivals and get our swag (last seen below) back, kids!

Can't say enough about John Beilein tonight. Their stud freshman is Jrue Holiday and ours is Stu "Big Dick" Douglass. That really says it all. As Dickie V would say, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!"

The most relieved man in America right now has to be Bill Martin. Just when we think he can't get any dumber - with the basketball and football teams both recording the worst seasons in school history - he goes and does something like this... AND COMPLETELY REDEEMS HIMSELF!!!!!

OK, we're off to Columbus. We'll be back on Monday to gloat some more.


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Just rolling through your past posts but I especially loved the first line below........


- After a breather against Toledo, things won't get much easier. Penn State will be desperate for its first win over Michigan since 1996 and treat the game like the Super Bowl and Mark Dantonio will have Sparty all riled up about last year's "little brother" comments.

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