So much for "Shock the World Weekend." After somehow convincing ourselves that Michigan actually had a shot at a 1969-esque upset that would save the season, it turned into the bloodbath everyone expected.

Here us what we remember from the nightmare:

• We're not sure if this was visible from the aerial shots, but there were NO Michigan fans there. It really was astonishing. The entire visitor's section was full of Buckeyes and there couldn't have been more than 5,000 Michigan fans in the entire place. Can't really blame UM fans for not showing up at this point but we felt like we were traveling with Rice.

• I never thought I'd say this, but Ohio State fans don't even hate Michigan anymore. How sad is that? We're like their version of State - just a bunch of jokers. I still believe if John Navarre had completed that TD pass in 2002, I would have suffered serious bodily harm (as evidenced by the guy next to me screaming after the INT, "Take your P****** back up North!!!!!"). Yesterday when we were walking out of the stadium, OSU fans were passing along their condolences and trying to shake our hands for traveling to C-Bus. It was disgusting.

• We don't want to become one of those crazy fan sites, but Scott Shafer really should be fired. Granted, Dick Rod's really in a no-win situation here. If Shafer is whacked, people will say RR is unloyal and passing the blame onto his assistants. But there's NO WAY the defense should have been this bad. The 2-play, 90-yard drive was absolute rock bottom. Overall, the second half collapses were mind-boggling. Agaist Illinois, Penn State and Ohio State combined, we were outscored 88-6... 88-6! Marinate on that for a second.

• Happy Trails, Sam McGuffie! We've already resigned ourselves to the fact The Matrix is transferring, and who can blame the kid? Every time he touches the ball is like watching a commercial for Terry Tate Office Linebacker. He could really be a valuable kick returner/3rd down back for Big Blue, but who can blame the kid if he heads home to play for Sam Houston State?

• This sounds insane but we were actually pleasantly surprised by the offense yesterday. After the first couple drives, it looked like we weren't going to pick up a first down. Brandon Minor continued to look like a star in the making and we actually got into a rhythm late in the 2nd quarter before the wheels fell off on defense. We're looking for any positives here, people!

• You know in "The Program" when Omar Epps carries a football around campus everywhere he goes? Martavious Odoms should do that for the next 9 months. That's all we have to say about that or we will end up smashing a lamp shade over our head.

• And now for the Million Dollar Question: Will Dick Rod turn it around in Year 2? Our guess: Not really. We're predicting a sloppy 7-5 campaign (Notre Dame is just as big a disaster and we will go to the ends of the Earth to find the other 3 biggest nonconference cupcakes in the land after losing to Appalachian State and Toledo in consecutive years) and a loss in the Alamo, setting up a situation in Year 3 that he MUST reach a BCS bowl. No pressure, though.