We're really just blown away by how much newspapers are playing the race card and throwing objectivity straight out the window in the wake of Barack Obama's historic victory tonight.

Here's an early sampling of headlines from around the country:

New York Times:

"Chocolate Reign!"

* Please, please let this be his theme song at the inauguration

Washington Post:

"Fo Shizzle My Nizzle!"

L.A. Times:

"Always Bet on Black"

Harlem News:

"American Gangster"

Crown Heights Herald:

"That's My Ni**a!!!!"

Ann Arbor News:

"Kill Whitey!!!!!!!"

Biloxi Daily News:

"Negro Steals Presidency"

Charleston Times:

"Terrorist in Chief"

Vicksburg Post:

"Black Tuesday"

Well, at least most of the country's on board!


Anonymous said...

obama's pockets straight..

Anonymous said...

I just hope now that the election is over we won't hear everything Obama does being referred to as "historic". I get it he's black.

Anonymous said...

Facebook has turned into a Barackakke