And we thought plays were for douches.

That's until we heard about the "off-off-off-Broadway" production, "Hip-Hop Monologues: Inside the Life and Mind of Jim Jones." Sounds like a real classic:

"When controversial but true to the street rapper Jim Jones returns home to his Harlem neighborhood, his fame creates quite a buzz with reporters, fans, old friends and jealous enemies. After almost getting killed in an impromptu dice game, Jim is counseled by an old-school elder on how to endure the stresses of being famous and the great responsibility of teaching the next generation. Jim ultimately finds himself having to make the decision of his life: taking the elder’s wise advice or returning to his street ways at the risk of losing everything."

In other Jim Jones news, he has also sworn off saying "My n****" and replaced it with "My Obama."

Well, it's official: Jones is brain-dead.