I've had Allen Iverson's back since he was smashing fools upside the head with chairs at the bowling alley. I even owned a pair of I3's!

But it's time to call a Spade a Spade and say this trade was a horrible idea by Joe Dumars. Darko Milicic bad. Yeah, you got an expiring contract. But the guy can't shoot for shit and his defense is a disaster.

Giving up 38 points to Devin Harris on Day One? It would have been even worse but the Pistons kept Rodney Stuckey on Harris late in the second half instead of A1 Sauce - granted, Stuckey's defense was awful too.

Point is: Dude couldn't guard a Toaster Strudel.

Hope that's worth a shot at the Carlos Boozer Sweepstakes this offseason (we know you can't trust his word...) or the LBJ Bonanza in 2010.

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you don't know fuck about shit.