Funny and Not Funny

If you have not heard, the writer of a movie about stoners getting White Castle thinks our movie is stupid. Therefore, it has become apparent to us that we must define what is funny and what is not.

Not Funny:
A dog being flushed down the toilet by a cat and turning blue -- a la Meet the Fockers.

1/2 of The Realests getting a pizza pie thrown in his face without flinching a muscle.

Not Funny:
Steve the Pirate -- from Dodgeball

If Steve the Pirate was actually Lance Armstrong.

Not Funny:
Hunter having a reason to go to Greece.

Hunter going to Greece.

That is all for now ---- dickriders.


Hot Carl said...

Maybe you should take the hint ...

zima said...

go to hell hot carl..... honestly do u need to make yourself feel better cause u need to make yourself feel hot?... Fratboy missionaries for liife

bong hits said...

You fockers haven't sent me the script yet so I can't speak to how funny it is.

But let me tell you, the REAL movie, is the movie about you guys. Pizza in the face, beer on the head, just moved to the big city trying to write and get a movie made. Just hit me up with some royalities when it makes mad loot.

Oh and let me ride the d too

Bob Hunt said...

So I was telling my 51-year-old mom today about your script, and not only did she think it was hilarious, she wanted to see a copy of it. She was like, "I don't understand how someone hadn't come up with this stuff before."

True story, I swear.