The end of sport video games

As I was getting my teeth kicked in playing Madden online, I realized what a sad state sports video games are in. For example, whenever my opponent got in a tough situation, they just ran corner routes. Well, we've known for years that corner routes should have no part in the game. But when you can't challenge someones manhood in person, they just keep running the same play over and over again. Then there is the defense. The people I play online call the same blitz package everytime and are such losers, they have perfected this blitz by adding the "Playmaker" mode to their attack. It is impossible to run the football, and you get two seconds to throw it. Miraculously, everyone remains covered. It's like in Super Tecmo Bowl when your opponent would pick your play. Except this is every single play. On Super Tecmo Bowl, you had a 75% of having a successful play. To put it simply: video games shouldn't have these elaborate playbooks and formations until they can guarantee the game cannot be manipulated to a point where opponents are simply looking for new gimmicks to exploit each other. Digressing back to the online video game, I called the guy a cooter and felt much better about myself - I think he was twelve.

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