The Revelation

Jim and I were walking back from Joe's Pizza last night and decided that there is one absolute truth in this world:

We are the two funniest people on the planet.

That's right. We said it. You can't floss on our level.

When we are on a roll there's no stopping us. When you're thinking of something funny, we're taking that idea, flipping it, twerking it, flip mctwerking it, and handing it back to you three trillion times funnier.

So here it is. A challenge. To any two people that want to go toe to toe with us. If you're a real man/men, you'll take us up on this...but we doubt you will.


zima said...

ill take yallss onn... yal biatches took mah movie idea and i want it back, My name is John shooter and i' from mississippie. Im a cow herder. Either u give me mah story back or ill have to kill u. Remember the name. Shooter.

Sauce said...

i think you spelled "realest" wrong weebles...check that


zima said...

"sosin"= dickrider