Rookie/Sophomore Game Blog

This is how pathetic we have gotten - we are blogging about this crap-ass game. And we didn't include times with our observations because we are getting bored with blogging. We simply have observations with think were funny while we were half-drunk.

- (In sportswriter voice) "How ironic: they are called the sophomores when half of these guys didn't even go to college."
- TNT is advertising Gladiator being on 3 nights in a row as if they had planned that for our viewing pleasure and not because they can't afford fresh programming.
- PJ Carleisemo is coaching the Rookie team and is taking it seriously ... is that what it has come to PJ???
- John Thompson just spoke for 30 seconds and we didn't understand a single word he said.
- Who is this white rookie from the Spurs? There are far too many white guys on that team: the rookie, Brent Barry, Manu Gonibili, Tim Duncan ...
- Are John Thompson and Paul Silas the same person?
- The announcers are saying that PJ Carleisemo deserves another head coaching opportunity. Let's make this clear: NEVER HIRE SOMEONE THAT COACHED THE ROOKIE/SOPHOMORE GAME.
- LeBron just back-bumped (the new hotness as opposed to chest-bumping) the Cavaliers mascot, Moondog. Who let Moondog on a plane? Better question: Is Moondog the ultimate Road Dog?
- The Bulls have three guys in this game: are they better without Jordan? Somehow the announcers don't present this question. Irresponsible journalism ...
- PJ Carleisemo is now screaming at his players to stop throwing alley-oops. Bet he wouldn't do that if Latrell Sprewell was on the floor.
- I wonder how many women in the audience slept with Wilt Chamberlain. I wonder how many people in the audience are related to Shawn Kemp. I wonder how many of Shawn Kemp's relatives slept with Wilt Chamerlain.
- Our lives must really suck to be blogging about this game.

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