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That's right...I'm back.

It's been a long time and 1/2 of The Realests has been handling the blog recently - doing a damn good job too.

I actually lied before...I'm not back yet...but after finals I will be.

And I'll be bringing the bozacks.

- Stop That Ahki

Note: I also find it startling that my lack of blogging would have such a jarring effect on people. If you've paid any attention to anything recently, you've noticed that once-real people have fallen. Like we've always said, there's nothing worse than a fallen champion. These guys need to drop the whole me-last team-first approach. A few examples if you will:

Ricky Davis - The man who said "Fuck that shit bitch" in response to a ball boy's request to move his car has become America's sweetheart. This makes me sick to my stomach. While Ricky made a last gas effort to save his realety by declaring a sweep of the Pacers before Game 1 was even over, I would much rather have him say "Fuck that shit bitch" when the dickriding announcers ask him how he's turned it all around.

Braylon Edwards - We could have seen this one coming - J. Brady even blogged about it (We are all idiots for letting Big Blue pull the wool over our eyes). The man who once dreamed of being an R. Kelly body double has flipped the script and lost his mind. That post-draft interview left me feeling empty and cheated. Direct quote from Braylon - "You come in thinking you know everything and its a great process just to become more humble and be more of a team player." He also let Sportscenter follow him around before the draft. Another quote - "Man, I gotta look good on TV. I'm going for the corporate casual look - People really look at what dudes wear." WHAT???? I guess we can forget about Braylon asking the Brown's owner if he can rename the Brown's cheerleaders "Braylon's Bitches." I want Braylon back, and I want him back now - J. Brady might have turned Braylition's career around but he destroyed his soul in the process. RIP Braylition - how real you once were.

Chris Weber - Here's an idea Chris -- Get a rebound, get into the paint. Do something. And, never ever ever ever say that "Anita Baker is my Michael Jordan." What happened to the thug who brought baggy shorts, black shoes and socks, throat slitting and weed to the NBA. It's sad when even Shane Battier has more street cred then you. Get. Your. Mind. Right.

Realests are dropping like flies. We need bozacks and we need them now. Good thing DP and Chloe held it down on 24. Road. Dogs.

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