NBA All-Soft Team

As we were watching the NBA tonight, we realized there are a lot of cooters in the NBA. We decided to put together the best of the coots. We tried to pick players that actually get in the game as opposed to people like Darko because it's easy to be soft and not get playing time. You must have fooled some people if they actually let you in the game after you are still a cooter. Here is the team:

Point Guard: Casey Jacobson - What the fuck is on dude's face? Posted by Hello

Shooting Guard: Allan Houston - Pulling up, like always Posted by Hello

Shooting Forward: Jason Collins - Even Tayshaun couldn't resist punching him in the face Posted by Hello

Power forward: Michael Olowokandi - You're blocking the wrong side of the hoop, dog nuts Posted by Hello

Center: Yao Ming - The guy can't even take it up strong on the "Slug Man" - Shawn Kemp Posted by Hello

Head Coach: David Robinson

Also coot:
Marc Blount - more suited for the All-Apathetic Team
Reggie Miller - especially the leg kick he does for foul calls
Darko Milicic
Nikoli Tskitishvili
Mike Dunleavy - "The Quiet One"
Shawn Bradley
Marc Jackson - the 76ers center, not the guard
Adonal Foyle
Jason Kapono
Rasho Nesterovic


NYG said...

As much as it pains me to say this ... even I agree with Houston's selection to the "All soft team."

Madcap said...

pretty much all the Euros should be on the all soft team - maybe even all the foreigners except for the Latin folk