Wanted: Road Dog

Road Dog Posted by Hello

It appears 1/2 o f The Realests is a lost cause. Here are the requirements to be one of my Road Dogs. The replacement will be in effect immediately:

* Eat at Waverly at least once a day
* Play NBA Live as long as I want, and then talk shit afterward to 7 year olds
* Strategize how to sell the movie script
* Scribe for all blog postings
* Helping to create new trends in clothing and language
* Quote Jay-Z when necessary
* Put "grind" after everything you say (Ex: Let's get on the blog grind)
* When drunk do one of the above: turn ankle, insult Little Vicente, call a bouncer a douche bag, flick off Puerto Ricans (make that all of the above)
* Bring Your Own Bozack
* Live off futon
* Without flinching, take a Joe's Pizza slice to the face
* Fix: broken tiles in bathroom, hot pole in bathroom, doorknob, and leaking hot water
* Begin writing script for "Cicadas" and "Centaurs" screenplays
* Allow access to your shampoo on a daily basis

That's all I can think of for now. I will make additions as necessary ...


jonanster said...

A really freaky dog you are looking for! Hey, got some crazy entries.. fun! buzz me sometime - anthony.i.ph.

zima said...

dont put that douche 'jonanster' im your road dogg... little varun... cant go wrong there.