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This bitch might look familiar, and not just because real recognize real. She's the not-hot friend of Tara Reid in American Pie that explains to Rookie of the Year that he can't make Tara orgasm.

Real Part I: Charges for criminal mischief, harassment and trespassing after she ripped a mirror off her neighbor's wall and threatening to fuck her dog (this is true, we swear - although newspapers coot out and say she threatened to "sexually molest" the dog).

Real Part II: Lyonne showed up in the courthouse about an hour late Monday. But she only stuck around for about 30 minutes before she apparently lost patience waiting for her case to be called and left.

As always, we will critique on how to make this realer:
* In wake of Paris Hilton's success with "One Night in Paris", American Pie chick comes out with a beastiality film named "Knick-knack, cock smack, give Lyonne a bone."

- Real

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