We've had a lot of fun with Big Blue's coaching search so far but when Michigan gets turned down by the Rutgers football coach, you know we're in dire straits. Time to roll up our sleeves and get grimy with this issue.

Enter The Realests with the solution: USF's Jim Leavitt.

For all the talk about Big East coaches (Greg Schiano, Brian Kelly and prayers for Rich Rodriguez), I haven't heard Leavitt's name come up once.

Let us list the reasons this guy is one of the top 10 coaches in America:


What Schiano and Kelly have done is great, but neither can touch Leavitt in terms of accomplishments at their schools. This program began in 1997, the same year Michigan last won the national title. Not jumped to Division I. Started from scratch. And just three years ago, USF went 4-7 as a member of Conference USA. Fast forward to 2007 and they're already a top 25 program. To build a powerhouse in Tampa, Florida of all places with the likes of Florida State, Florida and Miami all poaching your recruits, you have to be an incredible coach.

Ascending to #2 this year got everyone's expectations for the program way out of whack. In the span of a month, USF went from the Story of the Year to The Pretenders. So they dropped three in a row (at Rutgers, at UConn, Cincy). Considering they rallied to finish 9-3 and let's not forget - beat Auburn on the road and West Virginia - Leavitt should definitely still be considered a candidate for coach of the year.

And that's with star players like Matt Grothe, George Selvie, Jessie Hester, Nate Allen, Mike Ford and Carlton Mitchell all being underclassmen. This team will easily be ranked in the top 10 to start next year. Too bad you can't say the same about Michigan!


Did you see this guy on the sideline during the Rutgers game?

He's an absolute madman. We've grown accustomed to Lloyd's stone face as we commit mistake after mistake (with the occasional tantrum). It's time for fire and brimstone on the sidelines of the Big House, people.

And now Leavitt's about to pull a Bruce Pearl and "paint up" to support the basketball team. Let's just hope he doesn't start chewing out Stan Heath's players on the bench.

Granted, the statistics don't indicate the Bulls are a very disciplined bunch (ranked T-94 in turnovers and 117th in penalties - keep in mind Cincy was dead last in the NCAA), but would you want to make a mistake in front of this guy? We'll take our chances those statistics are flukes.


Count us among the many Wolverine fans hoping to break into the 21st century with the spread offense. Obviously, it would be ill-suited for current QB of the future Ryan Mallett, but it's a move that would signify so much more to Big Blue Nation. In case you missed it, USF averaged nearly 36 points per game with this guy running their offense. I think we'd be OK.

Michigan averaged 10 points less (albeit against tougher defenses) with what was supposed to be the most explosive offense in the country.


You think this guy has figured out the spread offense on defense? USF held West Virginia to 13 points - granted it doesn't look nearly as impressive after last weekend. South Florida's scoring defense was ranked right behind Michigan's (23 and 26, respectively), and found an absolute monster in George Selvie, who has 14.5 sacks. Imagine what Brandon Graham could become with Leavitt coaching him up...

And say goodbye to sitting on our heels and letting athletic quarterbacks run circles around us, as the man blitzes like crazy. His team also led the nation with 40 turnovers gained.

Flat out, the man has the balls of a bull.


Hey, we love Brian Kelly as much as the next guy. But Bill Martin would never, ever hire him after the Central Michigan night club death controversy that included a comment by Kelly many called racist. Said Kelly:"A number of them were African Americans that had been in that culture of violence, and they're taught to look away. You don't want anything to do with it. Get out of there. You don't say anything to anybody."

To call him a racist is a huge knee-jerk reaction, but after dealing with Ed Martin, Bill must have nightmares of answering questions about this at Kelly's first presser.

Nick Saban's cheap shots aside, Leavitt has no such issues.

What's left to ponder?! Give this man a chance!!

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Maize said...

Would be an interesting hire fo sho!

But will never happen. Michigan is too arrogant to go to Florida to hire Leavitt away.