ROW: That crazy bastard Jerry Moore has done it again. In a quote that has gone completely unnoticed for the last 3 months, under Sports Illustrated's newest "They Said It" section is this qem by Moore on why App. State couldn't celebrate beating Michigan for too long:

"We've got Lenoir-Rhyne coming to our place."

We feel like someone just threw a brick in our face. Has our program fallen so low that LeeAnn Rhymes is getting more respect than us?

UROW: Unless I'm missing something here, someone really, really messed up Gary Smith's unbelievable piece on Rob Jones - the grandson of Jim Jones (no, not that Jim Jones) that plays college basketball for San Diego.

Can anyone explain why his name is spelled "RobJones" - without a space - every time in print and online? We sure as shit can't. Either someone made the worst "find and replace" error of all time or we are dumber than a box of rocks.

Or both could be true.

(Editor's Note: To whoever put us on blast in the comments section, as if you couldn't tell from reading this blog, The Realests read on a 2nd grade level so take it easy on us. The word "glued" was too big for our vocabulary.)


Anonymous said...

"RobJones, the kid who keeps that loaded last name glued to his first one so that nobody will ever lose sight or sound of it."

Is this an explanation? Or am I just reading too much into that?

Anonymous said...

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