Finished Movie

We finally finished our screenplay last night. It took a lot of work to getours mind right, but he finally did. I must say, just thinking about the movie is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. It's amazing that it can take almost a year and a half to write 89 pages, but that's what it takes to avoid pumping it out. I can honestly say I am proud of every page of the screenplay. We have agreed that as soon as we get a call back about the screenplay, we are immediately going to the 40/40 club and downing bottles of Armi. If we are really road dogs, we will then go back and forth between Joe's and Waverly until one of us pukes. And then I will pour the liquid that builds up on top of Ketchup after it sits for a long time all over his face.

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J Brady said...

Did you come up with the Bonnie Hunt character?