Pizza Pie to the face

With my help, 1/2 of The Realests elevated himself close to 50 Cent status last night. The scene: He comes home wasted with a slice of Ben's pizza. As always, I use his inebriation as an opportunity to make him do stupid things by questioning his manhood. Yesterday's challenge: allowing me to throw the remaining half of his pizza slice at his face from point blank range. To his credit, he immediately agreed to the deal. And I'll tell you what, I really wound up with that slice - there was no mercy. The slice slammed off his temple onto the futon, with pepperoni everywhere. he then went into a tirade, asking rhetorically and repeatedly, "Did I flinch?! Did I flinch?! Did I flinch?!" Back to the 50 Cent comparison: if anything comes close to being shot in the face, it's taking a pepperoni slice to the face. Now he only has to do it 8 more times.

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