Merck Patrol

I just finished watching the first half of the Pistons-Suns game. A few observations:
1. The Pistons are real. They'll easily win the East this year once we trade for another backup point guard to give Chauncey some rest. The Cavs cant keep this pace up, Shaq and Wade play with a bunch of nobodies, and if the Pacers have to play us in the playoffs at least 17 people will jump out of the stands and J.O will be forced to slide punch all of them.
2. Ben Wallace is a one man merck-machine. I think he had 32 offensive rebounds in the first half. He totally dominated Amare. Ben dominated the entire half and didn't even score a point. The incoherent Piston commentators were loving it - at one point Fred McLeod said, "Ben Wallace is playing great - He's nothing but vacuum and leather right now!!" If Blaha had been covering the game, his head might have exploded.
3. Shawn Marion is ugly. Very very ugly. And he has an ugly jump shot.
4. I dont understand why people call the Pistons the Stoners. It doesn't make that much sense to me.
5. I want Rasheed Wallace to go back to being completely insane and unpredictable. I want more techs, more flagrant fouls, and more of him going out to the loading dock after the game and threatening a ref and then challenging the entire Warriors team to a fight. I think that would give the Pistons a little more kick this year to get over the post-championship funk.
6. More Darko and Delfino. Larry Brown needs to stop hating foreigners.

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G.Spot said...

What about Tayshaun? The guy accounted for more than 25% of the Pistons' points and assists. What a man. Tayshaun skinny-arm flex!!!!