The Legend

January 21, 2004. Remember that date. It might be the most important in the history of the National Basketball Association. The Pistons traded for Carlos Arroyo and two first round draft picks in exchange for Elden Campbell. I'm not even excited about getting Carlos -- who just might be the missing piece for this year's team. No - I'm more excited about the two draft picks. It turns out that Carlos' two younger brothers, Marlos and Farlos, are identical twins. Farlos came out earlier and is probably 3 to 4 minutes older. They are 14 years old, weigh about 75 pounds each, and stand at a solid 4'11" each. And they're going pro next year. The Arroyo brothers' father served in the Puerto Rican army. Unfortunately, before Marlos and Farlos were born, their father was involved in a terrible accident which made his left leg 5 inches shorter than his right. What concerned the father most about this was the fact that his jumpshot would now be off. To compensate he built a slanted court. 6 months later, his twins were born. And 2 years after that, young Marlos and Farlos were on the slanted court practicing their fade away jumpshots for hours a day, no matter the weather, even giving up meals (not that there was enough money for food anyway). Carlos would bully Marlos and Farlos back in the day, continuously fouling them and jumping on their heads during 2 on 1 games. And then when he made the league, Carlos forgot about them. But now they're back...and they're pissed off. Being 3 to 4 minutes older, Farlos' eyesight is more developed and he has turned into a deadly jump shooter. Luckily, Marlos has fueled his youngest sibling anger toward becoming a fearless dribble drive penetrator. Marlos and Farlos will take the league by storm next year - the only thing they fear is Keon Clark. Next time I'll tell you about Darko, Marco, and Zarko playing for the Kings in Arco Arena.

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