The Elite Eight was just crazy.

Mike Jordan of the mic recordin' somehow prevailed over Jay Peso.

In the athlete bracket, there was lots of intrique as to how Ricky D and Mike Tice would square off and if Ricky would have as much animosity over a coach he has never met as compared to his former mascot. Rick answered that question quickly, punching Mike Tice in the face as soon as he saw a headset on the fat slob. For good measure, he found Moondog anyway at a kid's birthday party - punched him in the face, said "Fuck this shit, bitch" and trashed the place.

The Heather/Clove battle was crazy. As usual, she stuck his phone down her pants. It didn't look like Charles was going to fall for it, but then he got wasted and hooked up with her. After he woke up, he quickly locked the door on his room and snuck out the back door, just like when Dan Dickau broke his spirit in NBA Live. Said Ken Wall afterward: "I like Heather. I think she's a nice girl."

In the final matchup, we watched every season of 24 and tallied 4,324 on the Jack Bauer merck patrol. 2Pac on the other hand has only killed a handful of dudes, and he has never killed anyone with his bare hands. Advantage: Bauer.

Without further ado, here is the Final Four:

(2) Mike Jordan of the mic recordin' Posted by Hello


(1) Ricky Posted by Hello

(1) Charles Posted by Hello


(2) Bauer Posted by Hello

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Bauer vs. Rick diesel.....

davis is gonna get merked