Second Round

We are onto the second round to find out rap's elite. Some shockers in the first round. Keep the voting coming.

(1) Biggie
(8) Redman

(5) Eric B
(4) Erick Sermon

(6) DMX
(3) Big Daddy Kane

(7) Jadakiss
(2) Mos Def

(1) Nas
(9) RZA

(5) Black Thought
(4) Talib Kweli

(6) XZibit
(3) Chuck D

(7) Q-Tip
(2) Eminem

(1) Jay-Z
(8) TI

(5) Big Boi
(4) Scarface

(6) Andre 3000
(3) Kool G-Rap

(10) Ludacris
(2) Rakim

(1) 2Pac
(9) Slick Rick

(12) Keith Murray
(13) Snoop

(11) GZA
(3) Common

(7) Ice Cube
(2) KRS-One

1 comment:

Madcap said...

First that's bullshit that TI beat Canibus in the first round. Big L probably shouldda knocked off DMX too, but I'll let ya have that one.

Redman and Jada are clearly ho'd out with 8 and 7 seeds, but obviously Mos and Biggie gotta take that.

Ok no way does Q-tip deserve a higher seed than the RZA. Luda deserves higher than an 10 and ya fucked over the GZA with an 11 too.

Let's just say that while the selections were real, the committee doing the seeding is not even in the same city as REAL.

But granting that the seeds are complete bullshit, here's who should come out of round 2:

Biggie, Eric B (come on Sermon as a 4 - that' bogus), DMX, Mos

Nas, Talib, gotta give it to Chucky D on this one for the history, and Eminem (obviously)

Jay, Big Boi in a barnburner, Andre, Rakim (can't believe you ho'd Luda out with a 10 when KRS gets a 2 seed in the west)

2pac, Snoop, GZA (what have you done for me lately Common - a tight feature on the Kanye album?), KRS (a 2 seed? that's crap)