First Round

Being able to watch every single tournament game has been completely mind-numbing and also led me to some observations:
* Dick Endberg is really, really old.
* Jay Bilas is a Bill Raftery dick rider, which is just as pathetic as ex-football players trying to imitate John Madden.
* Villanova needs to trade Allan Ray to Connecticut for Charlie Villenueva - no questions asked.
* Creighton has really hot babes - much hotter babes than Michigan.
* The Hanes commercial with Chandler playing Jordan in a game of pool is completely absurd. How about this for an ad: hot babes in guy's underwear? And they can be jumping on trampolines like the end of every Man Show. Now that's a good ad.
* I will never pick a Jim Boeheim team to advance far in the tournament. Syracuse looked generally uninterested in the game until overtime, when they still got twerked because they have absolutely no set offense. Boeheim should resign immediately from his post and be Carmello Anthony's identured servant for the next 20 years. Syracuse should then hire Jack Bauer. Just imagine him screaming at a ref: "Who are you working for?!" That's worth at least 10 calls a game.

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