Totally Sweet 16

We keep marching on. The anticipation is just crazy for the next round of possible matchups, especially in the athlete division. Will Ricky Davis punch his former mascot in the face? Or will Randy Moss punch his former coach in the face? Jack Bauer and 2Pac as a possible Elite 8 matchup? Gonna have to go by merck count on that one. Jess Bornstein and Heather have made surprising runs to the Sweet 16, especially since they don't even know who we are. Please cast your votes for the next round:

Region 1 - Jay-Z Nicknames

(1) Young Hov
(5) Just the Facts

(11) Jay Peso
(2) Mike Jordan of the mic recordin'

Region 2 - Athletes

(1) Ricky Davis
(4) Randy Moss

(14) Mike Tice
(2) Moondog

Region 3 - Our Friends

(1) Clove
(13) Jess Bornstein

(3) J. Braids
(15) Heather from the B-School that stuck Ken's phone down her pants

Region 4 - No Category

(1) 2Pac
(12) Little Vicente from Little Vicente's Pizza

(6) Flip Saunders
(2) Jack Bauer

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