Has 50 Cent Gone Soft?

Yeah, I said it.

The streets is talking about how someone in 50's entourage got shot in the leg outside the Hot 97 studio tonight, obviously a pathetic publicity stunt to promote 50's sales. Also, 50 Cent further sounded like a bitch by saying The Game got the boot from G-Unit for being "disloyal" - The Game won't get 50's back in beef. And has anyone seen a picture of 50 Cent lately? He and Mike Vrabel are definitely injecting steroids into each other's asses.


zima said...

all i gots to say is ive heard the new album. its pretty decent- a few couple songs.. what is this beef with Game? post a nothe rblog about it. for now this is 50, and hes soo amazing, but i can see him in the ski mask way with gunz comin out. LOL. those are all 50 cent songs on his new album. ok ill stop being el doucho. peace

The Realests said...

zima....less blogging during school...more paying attention

Charles said...

Or, since 50 Cent has a new video game coming out he didn't want The Game stealing any of his thunder. You know 50 just trying to keep people from getting confused.