Real March Madness

With the NCAA Tournament approaching, we have decided to settle the battle of Realest in bracket-style. We will accumulate your votes and announce the winners of the First Round whenever we feel like it.

Region 1 - Jay-Z Nicknames
(1) Young Hov
(16) Old Hov

(8) Iceberg Slim
(9) Jay Guevara

(5) Just the Facts
(12) Black Warren Buffet

(4) Jigga
(13) The male Madonna

(6) William Holla
(11) Jay Peso

(3) S. Carter
(14) Shawn Carter

(7) Hovito
(10) Black Martha Stewart

(2) Mike Jordan of the mic recordin'
(15) Michael Schumacher of the ROC Roster

Region 2 - Athletes
(1) Ricky Davis
(16) Zarko Cabarkapa

(8) Marko Jaric
(9) Darko

(5) Antoine Walker
(12) Todd Marinovich

(4) Randy Moss
(13) Nikoloz "his friends call him Tish" Tskitishvili

(6) Ron Artest
(11) Clayton "Rocket" Richard

(3) Mike Tyson
(14) Mike Tice

(7) Eric Barton
(10) Jim Boccher

(2) Moondog
(15) Pedro Martinez's midget friend

Region 3 - Our Friends
(1) Clove
(16) The Dude

(8) Andrew Lockton
(9) Nate Furman

(5) Snizzle
(12) Molly

(4) Deberk
(13) Jess Bornstein

(6) Kirwin
(11) Louisa

(3) J. Braids
(14) Rachel

(7) Miguel Bermudez
(10) Kelly

(2) Ken
(15) Heather from the B-School that stuck Ken's phone down her pants

Region 4 - No Category
(1) 2Pac
(16) Juelz Santana

(8) Derelicte
(9) The Blue Dog

(5) Joe from Joe's Pizza
(12) Little Vicente from Little Vicente's Pizza

(4) Amilion
(13) A midget on helium

(6) Flip Saunders
(11) Flipmode Squad

(3) Corner routes in Madden
(14) Out routes in NCAA

(7) Lil' Flip
(10) Flip Murray

(2) Jack Bauer
(15) Anders Bard


NYG said...

Derelicte. I miss that dog.

Madcap said...

Iceberg Slim, Black Warren Buffet (obviously), S. Carter, Michael Schumacher of the ROC roster

Randy Moss - how does Ricky Davis get the 1 seed? Moss is comin out of the Athlete bracket
Ron Artest big win -- but where's Steven Jackson??

The Dude in a major upset there.
Snizzle - lights out.
Louisa, Rachel, Kelly in a barnburner.

The Midget
and lil flip

zima said...

region 1 winner= Jigga
region 2 winner= Randy Moss
region 3 winner= The Dude
region 4 winner= Jack Bauer*

jigga vs. randy moss= jigga
The dude vs. Jack Bauer= Jack Bauer

So the main event. Jigga vs. Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer.

After party contains him and audrey showing love and all of his buddys from CTU singing "we have all the time in the world"- Pink floyyd (24 joke)