Guess Who's Back?

As Ma$e would say a couple more times, "Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back?" Yeah, that's right dickriders: we sent our script out to 10 people the other day. And some of them even requested that we send it to them.

The end is near for you, dickriders.

We are already trying to figure out how we get ahold of black cards. Then we are going to rack up amazing debt just because we can. It's gonna be a lot of G5 flights and shopping sprees.

Then we are buying the Atlanta Hawks. We are going to mortgage the entire future of the franchise to get the players we want, including the next 25 years of first round draft picks. Our projected starting lineup next season: Ricky Davis, Nikoli "Tish" Tskitishvili, Darko, Marko and Zarko. We will play home games in Arco Arena although it will still be an Atlanta based team. There is a much bigger Atlanta fan base in Northern California than people realize. The coach? Ricky Davis. We are also instituting the 25-point hoop used in Rock 'N Jock.

Fuck David Stern, fuck the NBA as a staff, league and a motherfuckin' crew. And if you are down with them, then fuck you too.

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