I feel like the Arts staff just plagiarized for the 7th time....

An article in today's Daily details how EIC Donn "M." Fresard is joining Michigamua and Ashley Dinges is therefore quitting the Daily.

(By the way, we love how her quote reads like a press release).

On one hand, it's hard to stop this guy. Unless they find him running around with a tomahawk, it's doubtful anything in the bylaws will help.

Even though it jeopardizes the Daily's independence, here is what I'm more concerned about: on a list of biggest douche bags at Michigan, Michigamua ranks right below Beta.

Who voted for this guy to be EIC?

The only hope would be busting him on lying about it to the staff (which I have very little details about...)

Where's the Goodspeed Update when you need it???

Vive La Revolucion!

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CrimeNotes said...

Amen to that. If he'd pulled this stunt in my day, we would've turned M-Desk into his personal hell.