The wait for NCAA 2007 is almost over. As you surely know, the game is released next Monday, July 18th.

While looking through this season's preview, we couldn't help but notice this new feature:

Innovative smart fans: The living stadium jumps to life featuring unique alumni, student, and visitor sections that react dynamically to the action and momentum on the field. Watch as fans do team specific traditions such as Florida State’s Tomahawk Chop or the Florida Gator Chomp.

They can't fit every student cheer into a paragraph, so we'll cut them slack despite not mentioning The Claw in here. But surely EA Sports picked up on the newest tradition in college sports, didn't they?

If not, we are immediately protesting the game. Then we're pulling an Andy Dufresne, writing the creators every day until this injustice is corrected.

Let's hope they didn't make that mistake ...

While the 2007 cover is tight, we're expecting this on the cover in 2008 ...

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Amish said...

If they omitted the claw in favor of that stupid-ass bullwinkle shit we do, I don't know what I'll do.

Probably nothing, but I'll be pretty upset.