Last week Nike and the University of Oregon announced the fourth "evolution" of their football uniforms in the last 10 years. Along with some minor changes and permanently adding the black jersey, the Ducks will no have THREE different helmets. The white one is pictured here, while the yellow version is still in "development stage", and I shouldn't even be talking about it.

By the way, note on a close-up of this picture that Dennis Dixon is sporting the "510" (Oakland) area code for the announcement. That's just ridiculous....

And if you needed one more reason to think Phil Knight is a complete ego-maniac, check out his headshot on the University's website that could probably be printed into a poster.

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Jess said...

Dude, he has every right to be an ego maniac. Look what he has accomplished. He is bound to be full of himself. Where as you, my dear chap, seem a little jealous or pissed off. Neither of which bode well for your own character.
As for mine. I am obviously love wasting my time to involve myself in pointless bullshit.